We believe every child
deserves a chance
to follow his
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Graphhene Foundation is an Educational NGO in India

Our Mission

"Educating Every Unprivileged Child By Graphhene NGO"

Ngo working for education

We are promoting the right and well being of every child.

Educational NGO in Noida

We are running education camps across villages and cities.

Education for underprivileged children

We are nurturing & educating unprivileged children for better future.

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Help Nisha to become a doctor

All little children have dreams that never become a reality due to poverty or lack of resources. Let's help them to see a better future.

Where the money

Our current project spending breakdown

23% 38% 22% 17%
  • Book Distribution
  • Education Camps
  • Volunteer Work
  • Free Classes

how you can help?


Number of Volunteers

Join our mission to educate
every child for a better tomorrow

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Number of Projects

Book distribution, village education camps,
classroom programs and many more.

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Our Blog

NGO India Graphhene Foundation

Why Is NGO Important In A Developing Society?

NGOs are working as a non-profit organization that truly works for the betterment of society.

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Graphhene Foundation Going Digital Campaign !

Today, technology has replaced humans, where the internet has become an internal part of our life.

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Importance Of Ngo in Developing Society

Role of NGOs in Transforming Of Rural Areas ?

As we know that rural areas are the backbone of our society, but today most of us are still living in rural areas as compared to the urban area.

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Graphhene Foundation-Lighting minds, changing lives

Free Classes

Saturday - Sunday
04 p.m - 06 p.m