Graphhene Foundation is an NGO working for education in India

Graphhene foundation

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Free Classes

Graphhene has taken an initiative to give free basic education on the weekends.

We create a learning environment for children that involve painting, craft activities, dramatics, story sessions and many more.

We also spread awareness among parents about the importance of education in the modern world. We focus on making education fun. Play makes everything easy and interesting.

Educational Ngo
Educational Ngo

Teaching Life Values

Graphhene tries to make these little children honest and intelligent when they grow up. We help them to think for themselves and capable of making the right choices in life.

We teach them moral values with the help of stories and anecdotes. They learn the importance of sharing and helping others.

Life can be hard. We make them aware of hard-ships in life at an early stage. This makes them strong and capable to cope up with ups and downs in life. We prepare these children for school, work and life.

Village Camps

Our Team of volunteers frequently travels to remote villages across country to spread education awareness.

We distribute books, coloring books, and other stationary items. In our education camps, we not only teach, but spread awareness about health issues, planting trees, healthy lifestyle, disease control, proper sanitation, and childcare.

We encourage parents to help their children develop unique skills and let them follow their dreams.

Graphhene Foundation
Educational Ngo

Going Digital

Everything has gone online. The internet has taken over the world. Our teams of volunteers teach children to become familiar with digital device such as Laptop, tablets and smartphones. We teach them to use online services which make it very easy for them to manage their finances.

Our digital course includes online backing, cashless payments, usage of online payment Apps, kids learning Apps, etc.

Volunteer Work

We’ve been very lucky and thankful to all the compassionate people who have taken a step forward. They’ve contributed to the successful campaigns and educational projects.

Young men and women visit the Graphhene premises every Saturday and Sunday to teach group of small kids from the neighboring communities. They come from different backgrounds and contribute their best to make it all happen.

We are obliged and whole heartedly thank them for their valuable involvement for change.

Educational Ngo